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New releases (actually) in the works for 2016

I'll announce these when they're close to being done, but *rest assured* there will be new SLUGSALT releases this year. Things to be excited about:

1) Philadelphia punk

2) Tons of gigs

3) Cold Foamers haven't been broken up for months now. They've been gigging hard with lots of upcoming shows, most notably an upcoming Johnny Brenda's appearance on 4/30 with Shelf Life.

If you're in Philly (or nearby) you should check out every one of these shows that I've helped to set up. All start at 8PM:

5/12 @ LAVA Space: Nature Boys (KCMO), Enamel, Todd Killingz, Invasive Species

5/14 @ Second Empire: Anasazi (NYC), Haram (NYC), Cape of Bats, The Averse

5/20 @ LAVA Space: Plastic (CHI), S-21, The Guests, N.E.G., Guts

I've been updating the distro once a month, so check back often (I might add a mailing list option).

Posted on April 20th, 2016 Feed
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