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Rash / C.H.E.W. - split 7"

SEPT 2017 · SLUG-010

"Two edgy, provocative and dynamic Chicago bands, each hammering through their songs with a single-minded intensity. C.H.E.W. submerge the occasional post-punk element into an aggressive and charging sonic fray, while RASH continue to screech and squall their way through their face-melting hardcore compositions. Both provide a loud and dark scream from the soul." -- Al Quint - Suburban Voice zine and Sonic Overload radio

C.H.E.W. / Penetrode - Strange New Universe Split CS

APRIL 2017 · SLUG-009

C.H.E.W. (formerly CHEW) and Penetrode link up and breathe life back into an endangered species: the split release. Nine songs of no holds barred, tightly wound hardcore punk. Four new tracks from each band: one of Chicago's finest and Philly's "most charismatic".

N.E.G. - II CS

JAN 2017 · SLUG-008

A relatively new Philly band, N.E.G. began making noise mid-2016 with a demo tape out on Cruel Noise. This is their follow-up cassette, with 11.5 more minutes of raw, hardcore punk that should appeal to d-beat, punk, and crust fans alike.


S-21 - Year Zero EP

JAN 2017 · SLUG-007 / WGM-009

S-21 are one of Philadelphia’s best hardcore punk outfits making music right now. With their “Year Zero” EP, they’ve drummed up four new songs that are a natural follow-up to the four tracks on their demo tape. S-21 create mid-tempo punk with pummeling riffs and powerful vocal delivery. Four cuts to stomp around to. Co-released with World Gone Mad (each label with 200 copies).

Lip Service - DEMO2106 CS

AUG 2016 · SLUG-006

A disgruntled three-piece emerged from W. Philly last year. Finally, their demo tape!

Penetrode - Loss Adjustment CS

AUG 2016 · SLUG-005

Florida punks have moved to Philadelphia at a quickening pace. Penetrode is the direct result of this diaspora. RIYL: tightening up your portfolio, MS-DOS, hating your job.

Guts - Bad At Parties CS

AUG 2016 · SLUG-004

First tape release for the new Philly band, GUTS, which includes re-recorded versions of their two original demo tracks, "Bad at Parties" and "Asshole I Wanna Be".

Brown - Take A Sip CS

FEB 2015 · SLUGSALT / Reyes Family · SLUG-003 / REYES-1

4 track demo originally self-released by the band


DEC 2014 · SLUG-002

Posthumous LP from Philly's own LEATHER. Nine tracks. 45 rpm.

Cold Foamers - All Cold Everything LP

OCT 2014 · SLUG-001

The LP treatment of Cold Foamers' album, "All Cold Everything". Fourteen tracks, three color variations. Includes a lyrics sheet/insert.