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S-21 - Operation Menu EP

DEC 2017 · SLUG-011 / WGM-015

S-21’s second and final EP “Operation Menu” is finally available via SLUGSALT and WORLD GONE MAD. A 5-piece from Philadelphia, S-21’s music highlighted the experiences of historically marginalized voices— those of POC and first generation immigrants navigating the punk scene and society as a whole. Taking its name from the illegal bombings conducted by the US in Cambodia starting in 1969, “Operation Menu” continues the band’s message, addressing issues of U.S. imperialism, intergenerational trauma and genocide, toxic masculinity, and loss of language and culture through assimilation. Following in the footsteps of their first EP “Year Zero”, expect even further refined pummeling, heavy, dirty and driven hardcore punk fueling the unrelenting vocals and lyrics. The total sales on 20% of the pressing will be donated to non-profits benefiting refugees, displaced people and immigrants.

Rash / C.H.E.W. - split 7"

SEPT 2017 · SLUG-010

"Two edgy, provocative and dynamic Chicago bands, each hammering through their songs with a single-minded intensity. C.H.E.W. submerge the occasional post-punk element into an aggressive and charging sonic fray, while RASH continue to screech and squall their way through their face-melting hardcore compositions. Both provide a loud and dark scream from the soul." -- Al Quint - Suburban Voice zine and Sonic Overload radio

C.H.E.W. / Penetrode - Strange New Universe Split CS

APRIL 2017 · SLUG-009

C.H.E.W. (formerly CHEW) and Penetrode link up and breathe life back into an endangered species: the split release. Nine songs of no holds barred, tightly wound hardcore punk. Four new tracks from each band: one of Chicago's finest and Philly's "most charismatic".

N.E.G. - II CS

JAN 2017 · SLUG-008

A relatively new Philly band, N.E.G. began making noise mid-2016 with a demo tape out on Cruel Noise. This is their follow-up cassette, with 11.5 more minutes of raw, hardcore punk that should appeal to d-beat, punk, and crust fans alike.


S-21 - Year Zero EP

JAN 2017 · SLUG-007 / WGM-009

S-21 are one of Philadelphia’s best hardcore punk outfits making music right now. With their “Year Zero” EP, they’ve drummed up four new songs that are a natural follow-up to the four tracks on their demo tape. S-21 create mid-tempo punk with pummeling riffs and powerful vocal delivery. Four cuts to stomp around to. Co-released with World Gone Mad (each label with 200 copies).

Lip Service - DEMO2106 CS

AUG 2016 · SOLD OUT · SLUG-006

A disgruntled three-piece emerged from W. Philly last year. Finally, their demo tape!

Penetrode - Loss Adjustment CS

AUG 2016 · SOLD OUT · SLUG-005

Florida punks have moved to Philadelphia at a quickening pace. Penetrode is the direct result of this diaspora. RIYL: tightening up your portfolio, MS-DOS, hating your job.

Guts - Bad At Parties CS

AUG 2016 · SLUG-004

First tape release for the new Philly band, GUTS, which includes re-recorded versions of their two original demo tracks, "Bad at Parties" and "Asshole I Wanna Be".

Brown - Take A Sip CS

FEB 2015 · SLUGSALT / Reyes Family · SLUG-003 / REYES-1

4 track demo originally self-released by the band


DEC 2014 · SLUG-002

Posthumous LP from Philly's own LEATHER. Nine tracks. 45 rpm.

Cold Foamers - All Cold Everything LP

OCT 2014 · SLUG-001

The LP treatment of Cold Foamers' album, "All Cold Everything". Fourteen tracks, three color variations. Includes a lyrics sheet/insert.