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Dridge - Curing LP

write-up from World Gone Mad:
I am truly honored to be releasing this album. Dridge are by far one of my favorite local bands. Finally being dragged out of the polluted, murky rivers surrounding Philadelphia; this LP crushes and pulverizes from start to finish. Dridge is one of the city's best kept secrets and one of our most powerful live acts. After starting as a pure doom metal band in 2012, influenced by the likes of WINTER, OBITUARY and CELTIC FROST, they began expanding and exploring the sounds of Death Rock and Post-Punk, such as NO TREND, CHRISTIAN DEATH, THE CURE, MINISTRY, SMASHING PUMPKINS, MELVINS, NIN etc., and even blending elements of shoegaze and electronic music with their metal roots to make this absolute monster of an LP. Enough grooving doom to please any metal fans and enough dance beats and chorused out guitars for any gothy post punker. Curing is an embrace of the heavy tones of doom, some shoegazing tendencies, and a nod to nu-metal. Never afraid of some sinister drum and bass grooves, disco beats, drones and feedback