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Pedazo De Carne Con Ojo - ¿Pero Like Cómo E'tá? CS (LAST COPY)

Citrus City Records - limited edition of 80 cassettes, now sold out from the label (write-up by them below):

Pedazo de Carne Con Ojo is the project of musician and poet, Steven Perez. The name comes from a nickname his mother had for him throughout his childhood. After being gifted a Roland SP-404 from one of his closest friends, Steven began working under the Pedazo moniker. At its core, the project points towards the music that was played around his house. From salsa and bachata to hip-hop and pop, Pedazo eyes the music he and his family grew together with.

released February 14, 2020

Written and recorded by Steven Perez

Additional vocals by sentient bbq on “Mind Racing" and “I Need The Bag"

Artwork by Mark Araya / "Pedazo De Carne Con Ojo" letters by Emily Burtner