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Baby's Blood - S/T EP (ON SALE)

Finland is really trying to cram this whole “most stable country on Earth” notion down the rest of our goddamn throats. Baby’s Blood, through sheer force and ugliness, aims to lower Finland’s standing with a cache of speed-addled wreckers --- 4 hate-centric odes that target the lynchpins of modern existence: fashion, sex, law, punk, life itself. This most pungent of fruits comes courtesy of Drew Owen (SICK THOUGHTS) and some of his Finnish compatriots, collecting only the most depraved musings from their temporary terror program. That’s right: combustible and completely shattered punk, shootin’ from the hip, dead on arrival. OK, Finland --- EPPU NORMAALI, snow, cabbage rolls, HURRIGANES, we get it already! Wash that all bullshit from your mouth with a gulp of Baby’s Blood. Recommended if you hate absolutely everything! - Mitch Cardwell