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Deodorant - Smells Good LP (ON SALE)

write-up via Not Normal:
Look, the DP's already asked it, so we can't help but reiterate: "What is really what, if the funk don't move your butt?"

So while the lines get rehearsed and the moves get practiced and performances go on, you got Deodorant: the real butt movers, head shakers, injectors of a little bit of fun and boogie and excitement into an otherwise dull world. The most immediate thought that pops into your head ain't wrong, the Big Boys enthusiasm for foot shufflin' definitely beamed into these fools' brains, but Deodorant is a to-the-second update of the entire musical canon, pulling and building upon hardcore punk, jazz, funk, and even the lyrical rhythms of hip-hop.

No doubt about it, True Believers, take a whiff.