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The Floor Above - Assault on Still Life CS

write-up via Not Normal:
HARDCORE (adj) - taking an action, activity, or belief to its utmost extreme.

If you listen to 'em too long, they'd have you believing it was something totally different: the aesthetic/sonic equivalent of a wet fuckin' fart, devoid of heart or effort or even the possibility of failure. A smiling void of patted backs and social-obligated compliments.

But we're to talk about solutions: unadulterated noise, a monstrous espousin' of disgust. Dig it, True Believers, the time to toss out the philistines and dilettantes, to assault still life has come.

At long last, Nashville's most prolific son, The Floor Above, returns with a further demonstration of hardcore punk's possibilities; a chaotic, experimental, and raw melding of influences as diverse as SEEMS TWICE, TAR BABIES, and HUSKER DU.