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CB Radio Gorgeous - Plays CB Radio Gorgeous CS

write-up via Not Normal:
Where do you start with a band like CB Radio Gorgeous? If Point A is their lineage, then Point B is a meaningless, perpetual rehashing of past accomplishments, a shadow that threatens to eclipse the fucking NOW.

And beyond that simple truth, another: the number of outfits with this many pedigreed members riding their accumulated goodwill into the culling fields of hackneyed adult contemporaneous-ness approaches infinity.

But CB Radio Gorgeous ain't no fuckin' victory lap, no resting on their collective laurels. And despite some interesting points of reference found in their high-treble guitars, prominent bass and rhythm section, charismatic vocals ingenious lyrics, and absurdist presentation (one can certainly pick up strains of the Aussie X or Leeds' Delta 5), CB Radio Gorgeous truly only Plays CB Radio Gorgeous.