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Electric Chair - Public Apology 7”

write-up via Stucco:
As rents raise and space diminishes in every major- and minor- city across the country one wonders what there is to do next? Even here in O-Town the looming threat of unwanted and perpetual development casts its shadows on an indifferent and drunk populace. However, it would rest one's mind to know that even as we continue to delve deeper and further into the hellscape that the Pacific Northwest is becoming there are things that remain the same. In the self-mythologizing Capitol City there still is and still will continue to be Hardcore. Electric Chair capitalize and perfect on their years spent wasted in Hardcore Hell to produce for us this EP, Public Apology. There is no fixed-point on this trajectory that encompasses, among a litany of useless comparisons, anything from cascade luminaries SOLGER to a bass-player who is obviously obsessed with MELLAKKA. A kind of Pure Hardcore Music (PHM) if there ever was one. Songs about Prisons and Ropes.

"You guys look like late-era GANG GREEN but sound like "Preschool"-era GANG GREEN"

"Play Blasted 2018"

Comes w/ newsprint poster!