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Hank Wood & The Hammerheads - S/T LP

write-up borrowed via Grave Mistake:
This is the long-awaited third LP from NYC punks Hank Wood and the Hammerheads. Over the past decade, no punk band has been more definitely “NEW YORK” than Hammerheads. The band has released two modern classics, Go Home and Stay Home, and this self-titled LP is their first album without percussionist Emil Bognar-Nasdor. This record sees the band continuing to develop their songwriting into something more “mature” and even darker. The production is far richer than its predecessor, which happens to perfectly compliment with the more complex guitar and keyboard parts. Hank’s performance is his best since Go Home, both more earnest and personal; there is a certain heaviness and world-weariness here that was not found on previous releases. For a band to continue to stay so vital in an increasingly fickle and forgetful world of punk is a true feat, and Hammerheads have graced us with yet another classic rock album.