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S-21 - Operation Menu 7" (ON SALE) SLUG-011 / WGM-015

S-21’s second and final EP “Operation Menu” is finally available via SLUGSALT and WORLD GONE MAD. A 5-piece from Philadelphia, S-21’s music highlighted the experiences of historically marginalized voices— those of POC and first generation immigrants navigating the punk scene and society as a whole. Taking its name from the illegal bombings conducted by the US in Cambodia starting in 1969, “Operation Menu” continues the band’s message, addressing issues of U.S. imperialism, intergenerational trauma and genocide, toxic masculinity, and loss of language and culture through assimilation. Following in the footsteps of their first EP “Year Zero”, expect even further refined pummeling, heavy, dirty and driven hardcore punk fueling the unrelenting vocals and lyrics. The total sales on 20% of the pressing will be donated to non-profits benefiting refugees, displaced people and immigrants.

Pressing Information

Recorded by Permanent Hearing Damage
Mastered by Alex Nagle
Lacquers by Josh Bonati
Artwork by Renata Rojo

Comes with textured covers and a full color double-sided insert.