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Missionary Work - Seven Sermons LP (LAST COPY - ON SALE)

Missionary Work is a project composed and performed by Renato Montenegro. Renato and I first met several years ago over a love of film, particularly Italian gore films. After a long path marred by political assassination and heavily-guarded off-shore bank accounts, DWZ International is proud to present “SEVEN SERMONS” on LP .
Seven Sermons" starts with a foundation built on the works of such masters as Fabio Frizzi and Ennio Morricone, but quickly finds a voice of its own in influences as divergent as Baroque music and the films of Lucio Fulci. Renato has not opted for simplicity in his vision: each track is as simultaneously precise and frantic as the blade of the masked assailant that stalks the city streets at night. Most importantly, it's amazingly interesting to listen to. “Seven Sermons” is a powerful and monolithic work that I personally recommend with the utmost sincerity.