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Mark Cone - Mark Cone Sings... 7"

write-up via Nicey Music:
While crawling around the country with his fanatical basement punk band UROCHROMES and the no-wave thrashers SEDIMENT CLUB over the last several years, Jackie McDermott somehow nurtured a bizarre alter-ego inside himself. This is Mark Cone, who showed up at Nicey Studio last winter with a miniature Casio keyboard and a meticulously programmed 8-bit drum machine. His first 6 songs echo the dissonant keyboard punk of The Screamers, with 12-tone compositions akin to the nonsensical home recordings of Harry Merry and outrageous vocal content from the camp of Fred Schneider. Averaging under 2 minutes apiece, these tracks pack maximum dynamics into a completely engrossing 7-inch experience, immortalized in wax for only 250 lucky customers.