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Red Delicious - Far From the Tree 7" (ON SALE) SLUG-015

Red Delicious channels the wavelengths of Great Lakes Hardcore to bring us Far From The Tree, an eight track punk 7". Vocals snarled in Portuguese and riffs dripping with au jus, Far From The Tree is a product of Chicago, exportable to fans of Midwest hardcore, YDI, and anyone that likes a little groove in their punk.

Recorded by Tom Cassling at Shake Shop
Mixed by Will Killingsworth
Digitized by Keith Leedham at Tape Farm
Art by Mony Nunez

Glue pocket cover with a double-sided riso printed insert

Jan. 3 - Kansas City, MO @ Snake Tank for the Natural Man record release gig with Big Hog
Jan. 4- Jan. 6- Austin, TX @ TIANTG
Jan. 7 - Houston, TX @ Dan Electros with Adderall, Daggerhead, and Private eye
Jan. 8 - New Orleans, LA @ Poor Boys with Adderall, Nueva Fuerza, and Judy and the Jerks
Jan. 9 - Atlanta, GA @ 529 with Nueva Fuerza, Twisted Thing, Predator, and Hyena (record release)
Jan. 10 - Louisville, KY @ Spinelli's with True Self, Burn Victim, Miracle Drug, Nesh, and Binary
Jan. 11 - St. Louis, MO @ John Birkner's Bday with Perverts again + more
Jan. 19 - Chicago, IL @ The Fallout with Hank Wood & the Hammerheads (Red D homecoming record release gig!) with Robotrip and Side Action