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Cell - Demo 7" (ON SALE)

7" version of Cell's demo!!!

write-up via Drunken Sailor Records:
Crushing Hardcore/ Punk, reverb drenched aestheticized vocals, song structures that whilst having a firm root in Hardcore also give a nod to some of the more harder metal bands.
Led by bruising riffs and the tough vocals of Sash Pozzie, Cell are a newish Montreal band who bleed the edges of hardcore and metal to create their own wall of suffocating sound. There was a lot of reverb and scowling dread found on their five-song demo that was released earlier this year and now, that same demo is getting released on vinyl through Drunken Sailor.
Almost suffocating under the total wall of sound, one of the best debut records you will hear this year.
FFO Bib, Gag, Daudyflin